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Member of the LOKAJEAN Holding, Alink Telecom is a pan-african telecommunications provider and systems integrator.

With presence in more than 13 African countries, Alink Telecom Group has been delivering since 1994 Efficient, Cost-effective and Reliable Telecommunication Solutions to businesses from all sectors.

Powered by a our expertise in Data Transmission, IP Telephony and Internet Broadband, we offer services designed around 3 core activities :

  • Connectivity solutions : VSAT solutions, Wireless Local Loop, Fiber Optic (MPLS) or Hybrid Networks
  • IP Convergences solutions : Voice, IPBX, Video Conferencing
  • Systems Integration  : SAP in Cloud Computing or On-Premises

Our solutions are tailored to be the best answer to your specific needs

  • 13 countries of presence in Africa
  • 152 staff members
  • 500+ active clients
  • 237 sites BLR
  • Technologies réseaux : VSAT in Ku and C bands (Comtech, Idirect, Shiron), WLL Fibre Optique (MPLS, IPLC),
  • 19 years in serving Africa with the best solutions of telecommunication
  • Customer backgrounds: Bank and Insurance, Mining, Oil&Gas, Transportations, Logistics, Construction, NGO, Public and International institutions, etc…
  • First SAP Cloud partner in the West Africa
Become the major provider of telecommunications solutions for multinational companies operating on the African continent.
Each project is unique, we put our ingenuity to our customers to provide the most complex integrated telecommunications solutions tailored, scalable, and high quality that meet their needs and constraints.
  • Create an environment of teamwork
  • Encourage and strengthen the professionalism and commitment
  • Build relationships based on mutual trust
  • Satisfy our customers by striving to exceed expectations

IP Telephony

Make savings of around 60-70% on your international calls

FO MPLS connectivity

Implementation of MPLS, IPLC, VPN, Data, VoIp, videoconferencing, business applications


Kibaro VSAT

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