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Kibaro Voip

Alink Telecom  delivers VoIp services based on IPBX equipments. Our products are designed to be customized to meet your specific needs.

Advanced call center functionality are offered via the Centrix Z server.

  • Office Serv 7100 : 5-10 users , SOHO, SMSE
  • Office Serv 7400 : 20-30 users , SMSE, PMI
  • Office Serv 7070 : up to 50 users and more (large corporations, SMSEs)
  • Centrix Z : Hosted IVR server ensuring various call center functions including LCR, ACD

Save between 60 and 70% on your current communication budget

IP Telephony Features
  • Central switchboard with music on hold
  • Internal telephone with private numbering
  • Voicemail Active Directory (available from Outlook, disk quota allocated to users)
  • Conference up to 5 people
  • Call forwarding (to internal or external number)
  • Automated attendant (IVR: IVR)
  • Centralized on Home Office Serv 7070
  • Cost Management Communication (LCR)
  • Mobile Twinning and DISA
  • Intelligent call routing (ACD)
  • Calls from a computer screen: function Click to Call
  • Call Recording
  • Mailbox and Voicemail Management
  • Statistics (CDR, dialed, and durations; accessed via FTP data)
  • And many others …
PBX SAMSUNG: Simplicity, Efficiency
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IP Telephony

Make savings of around 60-70% on your international calls

FO MPLS connectivity

Implementation of MPLS, IPLC, VPN, Data, VoIp, videoconferencing, business applications


Kibaro VSAT

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