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Kibaro VSAT provides you with highly available, secure and fast Data links.

  • Site survey, Installation and Commissioning
  • Supply of kits: VSAT antennas(purchase or lease), BUC, LNB, Modem
  • Unlimited internet access with dedicated or shared bandwidth , C-band or Ku-band
  • Internet, VPN, Data, VoIp, videoconferencing, business applications
  • Interconnection of geographically dispersed sites
  • Redundant connections for business continuity
  • Provision of statistical data
  • SLA taking into account the urban and remote areas (SLA provided to customer request)
  • Contract: 12 months minimum
  • Site survey, Installation and Commissioning
  • Link availability : 99,98%
  • Dedicated or shared 64kpbs rates from 150 Mbps
  • Dedicated technical support

Alink Telecom offers a comprehensive MPLS on all African countries of Western and Central Europe connected by optical fibers Transatlantic. The Group has also initiated the construction of a terrestrial Fiber Optic ring connecting 10 West African countries.

  • Unlimited internet access with bandwidth dedicated or shared
  • Implementation of MPLS, IPLC, VPN, Data, VoIp, videoconferencing, business applications
  • Cloud computing
  • Management of QoS and CoS
  • Fast data transfer with better network latency
  • SLA
  • Cos* et QoS* management : highly granular QoS per flow type (Data, Voice, Video);
  • Running bandwidth-intensive applications and latency-sensitive (private network VoIP, videoconferencing)
  • Lower costs of network management
  • Latency: 20ms
  • Rate of loss of data packets less than 1%
  • Safer mode of transmission: there is no interference, no radiation insensitivity to electromagnetic radiation
CoS: Class Of Service. Routing protocol traffic ranking five different classes of priorities: 1-Video, high, 2-Voice, Video same priority, high priority-3 data, critical applications class D1, 4-priority data, class D2 and 5 Data non-priority class D3
QoS: Quality Of Service, ability to convey in good conditions a type of traffic based on quality parameters: availability, throughput, transmission delay, jitter, packet loss rate, etc..

Our Solutions WLL (Wireless Local Loop) allows multi-site companies to benefit from a private network of high quality at high security level. Being a cost effective solution, the WLL  solution significantly  fuels your  operational excellence by connecting all of your sites.

  • Data transmission between sites
  • Unlimited Internet access
  • Secure data transmission by FH (PtP)
  • Using VoIP applications
  • Network redundancy with automatic failover
  • Technical maintenance
  • Securing your data between remote sites
  • Economical solution to interconnect your sites
  • Quick and easy deployment without changing your computer and telephone facilities
  • Control your ICT budget
Hybrid and Flexible Networks

We implement the best architecture that suits your particular situation.

Our Data and Internet references
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IP Telephony

Make savings of around 60-70% on your international calls

FO MPLS connectivity

Implementation of MPLS, IPLC, VPN, Data, VoIp, videoconferencing, business applications


Kibaro VSAT

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