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Stimulate your growth with SAP Business All-in-One (Baio)
Quick and easy to implement, our BAIO SAP solutions are delivered in Cloud and On-Premises.  We allow you to benefits from a world-class expertise that will help you make the difference regardless of your line of business.


  1. CRM (Customer relationship management) - Effectively control all aspects of the relationship with your customers, Marketing and Sales to Service
  2. SRM (Supplier relationship management) – Optimize the process of 'sourcing' and supply in order to control costs
  3. BI (Business intelligence) – Use reporting tools and financial and operational analyzes to improve decision making and control over the activities of your company
  4. ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) – Manage Accounting, Sale and Service, Purchasing and Inventory efficiently, logistics execution, product development and manufacturing, support functions and performance analysis
  5. SAP Best practices – Benefit from the provision of common or specific to a branch scenarios defined on the basis of the experience of SAP and its partners
  6. Technology Platform – Implement a proven technical foundation quickly and at little cost to the potential development of your business as needs change
SBH (Subscriber Based Hosting)-SAP Cloud
Requirement :
  • Dedicated Internet 512Kbps
  • Cisco Router with VPN function
  • PCs
Technical Architecture SAP Cloud
SBH (Subscriber Based Hosting)- On Premises

Two dedicated servers installed in the ICT environment of the client in order to access the whole package of SAP BAiO (cf server requirements, client PC).

Subscription 'On Premises: Server installed in the premises of the client

Your are at least 10 reasons to adopt our SAP solutions :

  1. Leadership : SAP is recognized as a leader by experts from 25 sectors of business and enjoys the confidence of SMEs
  2. Exhaustivity : We offer a full range of solutions tailored to your specific needs
  3. Range of choices : Alink Telecom offers modules tailored to your operational management
  4. Skills : You have direct access to proven expertise in your area
  5. Return on investment : BAIO SAP can be deployed quickly and give you results from the first weeks
  6. Decision Support : Through analytical reporting, you turn your data into information for decision
  7. Visibility : access to your data in real time and operate them with confidence and ease of use
  8. Innovation : You have a software suite designed to assist you in growing your business
  9. Proximity : Our solutions can be deployed regardless of the location of your business
  10. Network : We have a network of technical partners with highly specialized skills in their field.
Known for its initiatives on sustainable development, SAP meets all the economic, social and environmental change...
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IP Telephony

Make savings of around 60-70% on your international calls

FO MPLS connectivity

Implementation of MPLS, IPLC, VPN, Data, VoIp, videoconferencing, business applications


Kibaro VSAT

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